How to Play Chess

For Beginners and Parents

(The Magic Theater)

The Rules of Chess

The Chess Board

The Pawn

The Knight

The Bishop

The Rook

The King

The Queen

How to Castle

En Passant




Chess Basics

(Flash Movies)

Setting up the Board

Ranks, Files, and Diagonals

Review The Board

The Pawn 1

The Pawn 2

The Knight

The Bishop 1

The Bishop 2

The Rook

The King

The Queen

Castling 1

Castling 2

Castling 3

En Passant 1

En Passant 2

Check 1

Check 2

Checkmate 1

Checkmate 2


The Draw

Draw by Repetition

How many Queens can I have?

The Fork 1

The Fork 2

Fork Trick 3

Fork Trick 4

Skewer 1

Pins 1

Pins 2

Double Check

Double Check and Mate

How to Checkmate

King and Queen 1

King and Queen 2

King and Queen 3

King and Queen 4

King and Queen 5

King and Queen 6

Two Rooks

One Rook

More Rooks

Opposition 1

Opposition 2

Opposition 3

More Checkmates

Two Bishop Mate

Knight Bishop Mate 1

Knight Bishop Mate 2

Knight Bishop Mate 3

A Knight's Game

The Back Rank Mate

More Checkmates 1

More Checkmates 2

More Checkmates 3

More Checkmates 4

Fool's Mate

Scholar's Mate

Stopping Scholar's Mate

Smothered Mate 1

Smothered Mate 2

Smothered Mate 3

Anastasia's Mate 1

Anastasia's Mate 2

Anastasia's Mate 3

Legal's Pseudo-Sacrifice

You will need:
ChessBase Reader (Program to view and play games)

Here are:
101 One Move Mates (Chess Problems)

Do these first.

Here are:
323 One Move Mates (Chess Problems)

Do these second.

Here are:
265 Two Move Mates (Chess Problems)

Do these third.

Here are:
Favorite Twenty Games of Paul Morphy

Here is:
Entire Collection of Paul Morphy Games (359)

Here are:
Thirty-one Short Games of Chess


Three books I highly recommend.

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